How I know God guides my photography.....

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies announce what his hands have made. Day after day they tell the story; night after night they tell it again. They have no speech or words; they have no voice to be heard. But their message goes out through all the world; their words go everywhere on earth."
Psalm 19: 1 - 4 (NCV).

Every time I look through the lens of my camera I see God working. Every day He reveals His majesty. Every night He shows me how He creates beauty even in the darkness. Even if I had not known Him before I started taking photos, the moment I looked at His creation up close (or far away) I see His glory and He guides me to see His beauty in all He has created. Photography just allows me to capture an image of what He has created.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More images from Plumas County area....

I'm beginning to wonder if God is giving me a sneak peek at what Heaven will look like. Every season I am discovering new and magnificant views, and with each changing season I'm seeing this beautiful Earth in greater detail. Photography (even though I have been shooting images for over fourty years) really does cause (force) me to look at my souroundings in a different light.

Here are some more images I captured this past month in the Quincy/Plumas County area.

I say this with each passing season, however true, there is so much to shoot and so little time to catch it at its peak. The days I was able to visit must have been the most perfect for this season. The week before here in Northern California we had heavy rains and high winds. The winds this week (today) are again high (with gusts up to 40-45 miles per hour). The days I was in Plumas County were perfect. The air was calm, the skies clear and bright, and the color.... WOW! Such color!...

(An old barn on Bucks Lake Road outside of Quincy, CA.)

Meadow near the Middle Fork of the Feather River near Gaeagle, Califonia (end of October 2009)

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